The Brooks Douglass
Richard "Brooks" Douglass– If lifetimes were measured in miles and meaning rather than years, Brooks lived a very full life. After a heroic six-year battle with cancer, Brooks passed away peacefully at home with family at age 56.

Brooks had a great sense of adventure. He traveled more than two million American Airlines miles through most continents and more than 40 countries making good friends along the way. At age 27, he was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate serving 12 years and championing groundbreaking legislation for crime victims’ rights.

After the senate, Brooks co-created Heaven’s Rain movie (later renamed The Amendment) to honor his parents and tell their family’s true story of love, loss, and healing after a devastating crime. He was also a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a soldier.

Of all things, Brooks would say he was most proud of his two children – Richard Brogan "Brody" and Micaela "Cali" Sue Douglass. His love for them and his wife Julea, his sister Leslie and her family motivated him every day to defeat cancer and build a future with them.

Now he rests at Chapel Hills Memorial Gardens with his beloved parents Richard and Marilyn Douglass who he has missed dearly 40 years.

His family is committed to continuing his life’s work to support crime victims’ rights, recovery, and restoration through The Amendment movie and

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The best way I know how to sum up Brooks is this beat up ol’ Life is Good hat. Brooks wore and epitomized it daily:

He loved well. He said, “I love you with my whole heart" almost every day and told our kids he loved them daily. Even in his last days when he could hardly speak, he still said, “I love you" to close friends and family.

He lived well. He worked to have a positive impact in the lives of others and in the criminal justice system for crime victims. And he loved good food, good friends, and good wine.

He suffered well. Through six years of cancer and many painful days, he almost never complained (seriously). Despite the heartbreak and trauma of losing his parents early, he still looked for and created joy in life.

For anyone who has experienced trauma or loss, Brooks would recommend trying to “put as many good memories as you can between you and the tragedy that happened to you." Metaphorically or actually – put on your “Life is Good" hat and make the most of your lifetime. Live well. Love well. Suffer well. As Brooks wrote for The Amendment movie tagline: WE ARE CAPABLE OF MORE THAN WE EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.


May 13 Memorial Service, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX. Speakers: Pastor Jack Graham, Zach Coffey (nephew), Mary Beatty (friend), Brody Douglass (son), and Pastor David Shivers


May 15 Memorial Service, Putnam City Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK. Speakers: Pastor Bill Hulse, Richard Phillips (friend), Mike Vogel (friend), Governor Brad Henry (friend), and Pastor Rod Masteller



Our sincerest thank you to Oklahoma for flying flags at half-mast across the state May 14 and 15, 2020 to honor Brooks and his work in crime victims’ rights.